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Boidié and Kanso: the villages

The main Ecos de Mali projects take place in the Malian towns of Boidié and Kanso. They are two very different towns but with common problems in education, nutrition, health... Our projects aim to improve these aspects, trying at the same time to get the maximum involvement of local people in their management.



Boidié is a town of 4,300 inhabitants located in the Ségou region. The drought and the lack of water that it suffers limits agriculture to basically the cultivation of millet, which in turn results in a very precarious diet for its inhabitants. It has an undersized school for the 800 students it must host, and a dispensary in poor condition that serves more than 13,000 people from the town's area of influence.



Kanso is very different and much smaller than Boidié. Located in the Sikasso region, its 800 inhabitants do not have a school or health center in the town itself, but must travel to neighboring towns to access these services. However, two rivers and a vast swampy area make these movements very difficult. In return, water is not a problem at Kanso.

Ecos de Mali
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