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Make a donation

Via bank transfer

To donate, make us a bank transfer to this La Caixa account number. This is the method we prefer to receive donations. Do not forget to indicate your name when making the transfer.


ES44 2100 0555 3102 0225 8002



With credit card or PayPal balance

If instead of making a transfer you prefer to donate now by debit or credit card, or PayPal balance, click here. To manage your donation in this way, we use the PayPal payment system, which charges us a fee.

Exclusive account for Kanso school

Do you want to dedicate your donation exclusively to the Kanso school? Make the transfer to this account.


ES14 2100 0555 3702 0242 2857



Your donation deducts! (Spain only)

The first time you make a donation, send us an email to indicating your full name, DNI number and tax address. In this way we can send you a proof of your donation, so you can deduct it in your income tax return (IRPF).

Know more

Any doubt?

Look at the questions & answers section or contact us.

We appreciate your donation!

Ecos de Mali
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