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Who we are

Our mission

Ecos de Mali is an NGO with the aim of promoting economic and social development in Mali, one of the poorest countries in the world. We effectively manage concrete projects in the areas of nutrition, education, health, women's empowerment and anything else that could help to improve the living conditions of the people of Mali.

Our history

Ecos de Mali starts its activities in January 2014, founded by a small group of friends from Barcelona with concerns in the field of collaboration and experience in previous actions in Mali.

Know us

Meet the founders, volunteers and collaborating entities of Ecos de Mali.

Our principles

The principles that guide our objectives are:


  • We are a small-sized association, which allows us to reduce our infrastructure costs to zero. All our members are volunteers, and all travel and infrastructure expenses are paid for by the founders.


  • We can guarantee that 100% of the donations we receive are used to finance our projects in Mali.


  • Ecos de Mali is an apolitical and non-religious association.


  • All our projects are developed on the basis of requests from the population to help them with their needs. We do not impose any of the improvement topics/projects.


  • We prioritise projects that can give work to the population and those that develop education.


  • Our accounting is controlled by an experienced accountant.

We believe that people with decent jobs and fulfilling lives in their countries will not need to emigrate risking their lives or those of their children.

More about us

Do you want to know what characterizes our NGO, what operating costs do we have, and other matters?

Ecos de Mali is registered in the Register of Non-Governmental Organizations for Development of the Generalitat de Catalunya, number 635.

Ecos de Mali
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