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What keeps us busy

The Kanso school this course has a record number of students enrolled: 248, not counting the kindergarten children. Classes are taught by 11 teachers. Most of the new students come from neighboring towns.

Kindergarten children now have their own building, with school supplies, tables and chairs, and slides and swings in the yard. The mothers are elated that they do not have to take care of their children during their daily tasks.

The school canteen this course serves about 300 meals a day to school students and kindergarten children. The budget for this course is about 10 euros per month per diner. Since April, mothers can cook in the kitchen building, which already has stoves.

In the Kanso market garden, sixty women continue cultivating their plots. We have hired a supervisor to advise them and help them organize. She will also supervise the shea production and the use of the tractor to till the rice fields, activities that will begin in June.

Updated: May 2023

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